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Scallop with crispy bacon cream of asparagus

Selection of sliced meats and cheeses

Salmon carpaccio with seasonal salad, croutons and butter curls

Low temperature egg, fondue of Grana cheese and asparagus with speck

First courses

Saffron risotto, Montasio cheese and red Valpollicella wine

Fresh Pasta with Ewe’s cheese cream and pine nuts

Spaghetti from Gragnano with clams and mullet bottarga

Fresh noodles with scampi sauce, lemon zest and buffalo stracciatella

Second Courses

Grilled octopus with sautées potatoes and green sauce

Sliced beef with vegetable and potatoes ratatouille

Mixed fried fish

Beef filled with baked potatoes

Tower of aubergine with PDO burrata cheese, basil cream and bread croutons with herbs


Ceasar Salad (misticanza salad, chicken, Parmigiano cheese, boiled egg, Ceasar sauce)

Classic Salad (misticanza salad, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, tuna fish, corn)

Venus Salad (Venus rice, vegetables bounoise, marinated salmon, crunchy fennel)

Side Dishes

French fries

Baked potatoes

Grilled vegetables

Steamed vegetables

Mixed salad



Cheese Cake with berries

Bavarian cake with coconut and lime

Cream pudding with citrus fruits

Ice ceam of the day

Fresh pineapple

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